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The Alacrity Foundation is a non-profit organization in British Columbia with two primary functions.
Our Investor Readiness Program seeks to find venture capital funding to support the growth and
success of sponsored Western Canadian start up companies.

About Alacrity

Helping Build Our Sponsored Companies

We develop and mentor the best engineering and business graduates in British Columbia to build
deep rooted local companies with a high likelihood of success.

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Our Partners

The Alacrity Foundation operates under a non-profit model so continued support from government and private organizations
is essential for its ongoing pursuit of enhancing technology entrepreneurship in Canada.

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Investor Readiness

Our program links Western Canadian companies with our network of foreign venture capital investors and support them directly in securing strategic capital.

Entrepreneur Program

With the mandate of turning engineering and business students and recent graduates into entrepreneurs, the Alacrity Foundation gives grants to the right individuals and teams to develop new technological solutions.


Our Partners

The Alacrity Foundation is able to support local start ups thanks to the help of our partners.

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Contact us to learn more about applying your start up company to be sponsored by the Alacrity Foundation.

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Tutela Technologies

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